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RTA conducts autonomous vehicle trial run

The trial run of an autonomous vehicle was started by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates last week, helping individuals commute to staff offices from the main entrance via a dedicated path at the Expo 2020 site.

The move is part of the effort by the RTA to increase the Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy’s scope, with the intention of having 25% of Dubai’s total number of mobility journeys become self-driving by 2030.

The strategy is intended to help with mass transit integration in addition to transport solutions that are both sustainable and safe.

The vehicle makes use of green technologies and can be operated for as long as 16 hours on electric power.

It can accommodate as many as 15 riders (five standing and 10 sitting) and travels at 25 kilometres per hour, being designed for use in internal and closed public roads within residential and entertainment communities.

The vehicle comes with high security and safety standards – it makes use of high-accuracy positioning systems and advanced sensors to monitor the path, and it is able to detect obstructing objects and then slow down automatically.

An object that comes nearer to the vehicle will see it completely stop.

The Self-Driving Transport Strategy is one of a number of initiatives intended to support the drive for a greener economy in the UAE, according to the CEO of the RTA’s Public Transport Agency, Ahmed Bahrozyan.

The trial of an autonomous vehicle at the Expo 2020 site was a major achievement and a boost to the efforts to see autonomous vehicles spread to a number of hotspots in Dubai.

The trial run is an illustration of how keen the RTA is to adopt highly efficient, reliable and safe technologies in order to deliver smart services, according to Bahrozyan.

The RTA is proud to see the Expo 2020 site being used to implement the Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy.

The strategy is compatible with the vision of sustainability intended to enhance the use of vehicles that are environmentally friendly and come with low carbon emissions, according to the vice president of Communications for Expo 2020 Dubai, Mohamed Al Ansaari.

The collaboration with the RTA is a major part of the practice for close cooperation with UAE government entities, with the ultimate goal being the raising of the nation’s profile as a leading country in environmental conservation and sustainability.

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