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Sharjah Police warn about car break-ins

Leaving valuables or any other kind of personal items in your car can result in you becoming a victim of thieves, Sharjah Police in the United Arab Emirates have warned residents.

Sharjah Police have made a public service announcement to caution residents against thieves breaking into their vehicles, advising both drivers and passengers alike to avoid leaving cash, laptops, handbags or mobile phones in unattended cars.

An online video was published on Sharjah Police’s social media accounts to show how a standard robbery occurs during night-time.

During December, Sharjah Police are distributing pamphlets in Arabic, Urdu and English as part of an anti-car theft campaign.

Valuables that should never be left in unattended vehicles include phones, briefcases, backpacks, shopping bags, wallets and physical cash.

Sharjah Police’s General Command says that car break-ins are an irregular occurrence and that the public need to take measures to prevent them, including ensuring that car doors are always locked to discourage thieves.

Police say that the campaign is intended to increase community vigilance on the issue to better protect their property.

Residents have been advised to report any suspicious activity either by calling 999 in the event of an emergency, 901 for suspicious but non-emergency activities, or 80040 to get in touch with the criminal investigation department.

Police say that residents should also report any suspicious individuals or vehicles that appear to be keeping an eye on their whereabouts or following them, and that they should install car alarms as another defence against car thefts.

There are a number of ways that car owners can help to prevent the theft of their vehicles or of items within it.

Making sure that the car is always locked is one of the most important things that any vehicle owner can do.

Cars should also never be left running if there is no one inside it, and all windows in parked vehicles should always be closed.

Thieves often target idle cars when drivers make the mistake of stepping out to perform a quick task and leave the vehicle running, sometimes even with the keys still inside.

When parking a vehicle, it is best to do so in an area that is well-lit and freely visible to others, as secluded and dark locations are less risky and therefore much more tempting to thieves.

The warning from Sharjah Police is a good illustration of why it is a legal requirement to have car insurance within the UAE.

Car insurance has a number of benefits, including preventing financial problems caused by accidents that result in damage to the car belonging to the person insured or to other vehicles on the road.

However, car insurance is also an important defence against car theft.

If a motor vehicle that is not insured is stolen and never recovered, or recovered in a seriously damaged state, then the cost of repairs or purchasing a new vehicle falls entirely on the owner. Taking out car insurance in the UAE is therefore not just a legal requirement but also financially.