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UAE Ferrari Premium service launched

The award-winning importer-dealer of Ferrari vehicles in the United Arab Emirates, Al Tayer Motors, has launched a new ‘after-sales’ programme known as Ferrari Premium.

The programme is an addition to, rather than a replacement for, existing services, including Ferrari Classiche, New Power Warranty and the seven-year maintenance programme.

Ferrari Premium allows clients to have their vehicles maintained at excellent safety and performance levels, and applies to a number of models, including the 456 GT/GTA, the 550 Maranello, all versions of the 360 Modena, and the 575 Superamerica.

Ferrari Premium gives eligible vehicles a certificate to attest that all preventative and scheduled maintenance has been correctly done on the vehicle, and that all service and recall campaigns have also been successfully implemented.

Installation of particular spare parts at exclusive prices is required by the preventive maintenance plan, including hydraulic power steering, lubrication and brakes systems, and fuel, subject of course to wear and tear.

With the car reaching its 20th anniversary, possession of a valid Ferrari Premium Certificate enables customers to get the Ferrari Classiche certification book as long as they can meet the brand’s authenticity criteria.

The senior vice president of aftersales at Al Tayer Motors, Boulos Massoud, says that the company is thrilled to be launching the new Ferrari programme so that enthusiasts and long-term customers can rest assured with regard to heritage car maintenance.

The new addition means that owners of Ferraris can be assured that their vehicles will be looked after from the day of purchase until they get the endorsement of value that is the Ferrari Classiche certification, according to Massoud.

All new Ferrari purchases come with a three-year warranty that can be extended for another two years, as well as free maintenance for seven years.

For cars that were first registered between six and 15 years ago, owners can make use of the New Power warranty, which offers coverage on the primary mechanical components year by year.

Al Tayer Motors was one of the very first dealers in the whole region, not just the UAE, to provide the Le Officine Classiche facility at its Al Barsha service centre, which is one of the biggest Ferrari brand service facilities in the entire world.

With Le Officine Classiche, Al Tayer Motors is able to offer its customers a comprehensive vehicle assessment as well as a Ferrari Heritage Model line-up refurbishment.

Customers will also receive the Ferrari Certificate of Authenticity from dedicated Classiche Factory Specified Specialists.

Anyone who owns a Ferrari or any other kind of motor vehicle in the UAE is under a legal obligation to have taken out car insurance coverage before they drive their car on the roads of the emirate.

Car insurance is not only a legal necessity but also a great advantage for drivers as it offers financial protection in the event of certain motor vehicle ownership hazards such as being involved in an accident or the car being stolen.