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Strong 2019 results for Al-Futtaim Toyota

Al-Futtaim Toyota has reported a strong performance for 2019.

This is largely because of a refreshed vehicle line-up that includes the likes of the 2020 Land Cruiser, the RAV4, the Granvia Luxury Mover, the Corolla and the new-look Supra.

The Land Cruiser has been recently enhanced to feature a new design as well as intelligent tech such as an intuitive smart app and Real-Time Traffic and led the way last year with a growth rate of as much as 7%.

This increase from 2018 has seen the Land Cruiser take out as much as 10% of the overall segment and lead its class with a 48% market share.

The first half of 2019 also saw the introduction of the new Corolla and RAV4 to the United Arab Emirates by Al-Futtaim Toyota, both of which also came in hybrid models.

The company is committed to greener motoring within the UAE and has achieved a great deal since its first local hybrid vehicle was introduced 12 years ago back in 2008.

The number of new hybrid variants contributed to the company’s hybrid sales increasing by as much as 29% year on year.

The success story reads much the same in the company’s entire portfolio, with 1.5% growth in sedan sales and an even stronger rise of 6.5% with the performance of light commercial vehicles.

Toyota sales increased even though car sales, in general, have actually been slowing down in the region, according to Al-Futtaim Toyota’s managing director Saud Abbasi.

The introduction of innovative and keenly anticipated enthusiast products has helped to spur the increase, with Abbasi saying that the road ahead looks very exciting as a result.

The sales increase has been off the back of a continued commitment to the company’s customers and its timely responses to the needs of the market.

Last year, Al-Futtaim Toyota joined the worldwide family of Toyota by celebrating the 10m sales milestone of the Land Cruiser.

Abbasi says that he is confident that the new additions to the line-up of company cars will play an even bigger part in bolstering the company’s success during this year.

After an incredibly strong year in 2019, Abbasi says that he can promise customers that many other exciting new vehicles are also planned for release later this year.

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