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Rafid App reduces Sharjah accident report processing time

Rafid Automotive Solutions, the joint venture between OWS Auto and the Government of Sharjah’s investment arm known as Sharjah Asset Management, issued as many as 91,000 traffic accident reports last year.

The processing time for such reports was cut down to an average of as little as four minutes, a reduction of 150%, because of the application of the Rafid App.

The company says that this milestone was due to the Rafid App’s introduction as well as to the completion of the digital conversion process in the firm, which is now capable of handling and producing more than 300 reports per day. 

152,000 incoming calls were received last year by the Call and Control Centre of Rafid Automotive Solutions on its toll-free number, with calls ranging from accident reports to customer feedback, roadside assistance requests and general enquiries. 

Between a call and roadside assistance arriving on the scene, the average response time was just 14 minutes, making up 90.4% of all reports. 

In the same time period, more than 32,000 customers were handled by the control centre from its seven customer service centres, with direct assistance available all over Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. 

The Rafid smartphone app was downloaded more than 14,000 times, which included 50 brand-new customers who were people of determination and who were all able to enjoy the offered fee exemption.

In 2019, the overall customer satisfaction rate for the company was more than 80%.

Before the announcement was made on Wednesday, Rafid Automotive Solutions’ general manager Salim Saed Al Midfa said that the successes of 2019 were the result of the firm’s determination to continue to improve customer satisfaction. 

This included the adoption of international best practices with the use of the latest technology and regular upgrades to services to meet the increasing demand all across the emirate. 

Al Midfa says that the impressive growth demonstrated by the company has been able to take place so quickly because of its innovative solutions and overall excellence.

He added that 2019 had been filled with expansion and achievements. 

Rafid Automotive Solutions has been able to build a solid reputation for customer care and service across all of its major business sectors. 

More than 66,000 cars have been repaired by Rafid Auto Express, and new workshops have been established in Khor Fakkan to serve customers from the east coast city of Sharjah and its surrounding areas, allowing for those in remote areas to access its services. 

More than 4,000 car registrations are processed every month by Rafid MotorCheck, and in November last year, it added registration and vehicle inspection services, which allowed it to achieve a 96% customer satisfaction rating. 

More than 5,000 service requests have been received by the Rafid Accident Unit since May 2019, with the average being one request received every quarter of an hour. 

Anyone who is driving a motor vehicle in Sharjah or anywhere else in the UAE is legally obligated by the country’s laws to be covered at least a basic form of third-party car insurance