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Vehicle rentals revolutionised by new tech in the UAE

Youth-led technology firm Beno Technologies, which is based in the United Arab Emirates, has created a new initiative in the form of an innovative platform intended to revolutionise the nation’s vehicle renting sector.

With on-demand mobility services and new technology radically reshaping the transportation market, the disruption is affecting a number of sectors, but the new initiative, known simply as Beno, sees the emerging opportunities that lie beneath these shifts.

Beno Technologies is embracing the idea of a shared economy in order to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) all over the UAE to unify their fleets under just one platform that is streamlined and technology-based.

The vehicle rental marketplace, which is community-based, will increase partners’ traditional sales channels and also result in the creation of a data-enabled, technology-driven and more efficient ecosystem that puts consumers first.

This visionary technology start-up firm is intended to put traditional business methods on a higher level with innovation, profound customer care and superior services.

The co-founder of Beno Technologies, Ahmad Eshtieh, says that the company does what it does to keep customers and partners happy, the result of which is success.

The firm is community driven and wants to close gaps in the industry with continual innovation and state-of-the-art technology to enhance the experience of all customers, according to Eshtieh.

The technology firm was created two years ago back in 2018 and has been a massive success so far, attracting attention from a number of investors and venture capitalists with its energy, innovation and overall vision.

A seed round valued at as much as AED10m has been successfully raised by Beno Technologies.

A Euromonitor International study claims that car rental sales within the UAE will hit a total of AED1.85bn within the next two years, with sales expected to increase at a 14.8% cumulative rate between this year and 2022.

Beno Technologies wants to be able to serve as a bridge for vehicle rental firms in the UAE to increase their chances of joining this statistic.

The launch is a confirmation of the company’s continuing determination to spearhead innovation in technology within the UAE’s business and tech communities, according to Beno Technologies co-founder Mohammed Awad.

The new app from Beno Technologies is able to be downloaded now on both Apple Store and Google Play.

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