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How to recover your electronic payment account balance

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi, which represents the city’s Department of Municipalities and Transport, says that people who make use of the Abu Dhabi Traffic Toll Gate may recover their electronic payment account balance in just two cases.

One instance is when the existing vehicle is being sold and the other is when they are purchasing a new car in accord with ITC regulations.

The maximum cost of recharge is Dh10,000, with the minimum being just Dh50.

Fees for the traffic toll gate are paid via the integrated electronic payment account, according to the department.

There are no recharge cards available that can top up the account – this can only be done by visiting www.dot.gov.abudhabi.

The electronic payment account can be used to pay Abu Dhabi toll gate charges and also traffic fines and parking fees, the department says.

A free trial period for Abu Dhabi’s four new road toll gates began on 15th October and will carry on until 1st January next year.

The idea behind the trial period was to provide commuters with sufficient time to get organised for their everyday journeys and maybe even opt to use convenient transport alternatives instead.

The traffic toll gate system being gradually applied also allows the ITC and the Department of Municipalities and Transport to conduct analyses and studies on the impact on peak hour traffic and congestion by the traffic tariff.

Citizens who are on a limited income are exempt from having to pay toll gate charges, as are senior citizens, people of determination and the retired.

Monthly payment of the fees for individual cars has been set at Dh2,000 for the first, Dh150 for the second, and Dh100 for all subsequent vehicles.

The ITC announced last month that cars that are registered in the GCC will be able to use SMS via a mobile number in the United Arab Emirates to pay for parking fees.

The service is being offered in order to facilitate services provided by Mawaqif to Abu Dhabi residents and visitors.

Mawaqif parking times run from 8am to 12am from Saturdays to Thursdays.

Parking areas have been categorised as Premium Parking at Dh3 per hour for a maximum of four hours, and Standard Parking at either Dh15 per day or Dh2 per hour.

Premium Parking makes use of blue and white colours, while Standard Parking makes use of blue and black colours.

A blue line and/or a signboard mark out Resident Permit Parking, which runs from 9pm to 8am.

Villa parking for residents is also dedicated to just permit holders, with additional parking spaces being identified with the use of signboards.

Anyone who drives a motor vehicle in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the UAE is legally required to have taken out car insurance prior to getting behind the wheel.

Car insurance provides a safety net for drivers in the UAE, offering financial protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as motor accidents.